Commission Plan

with you in mind

Equal Opportunity and Capped Commission Structure

One of the most unique aspects of our business model is our commission schedule. We put a cap on the amount of commissions you pay the company in any given year. We provide you with a specific service, and you should not pay more for that service just because you make more money. You can start with us as a new agent and know that you have the same opportunity to make the commission cap as top producers in the office. We don’t make secret deals or give under-the-table splits. We built our company on transparency, honesty and equal opportunity for all.

Keeping it Simple

We don’t have sliding commission scale, which means you don’t have to return to a new agent split every month or every year. Commission splits are based on experience and prior year sales numbers, and each split is attainable by every agent in the office. No matter the percentage of your split, every single agent can reach the cap. In short, our “sweet deal” is available to every agent, not only veteran top producers or new recruits.

And don’t forget: we still provide more than just a split – leads, innovative technology, support, marketing materials and much, much more!

Net More of Your Commission

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are happy to provide all the information you need to make an educated decision. We understand that your interest in exploring a career with Bushari Group should remain confidential and private. Schedule a confidential appointment with us to learn more about a career with Bushari group.

Or, call Elad Bushari at (617) 529-7079 or Mara Bushari at (617) 981-0209 for more information.

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