to reach your potential

Take Charge of Your Career

At Bushari Group Real Estate, we look at the relationship between the broker and the agent as a business to business relationship. As an agent, you outsource certain tasks to our management team, including much of your marketing, lead generation and market data needs. In short, we work for you — not the other way around. We allow you the freedom to work where you want and we provide you the support you need in order to achieve your growth potential.

Don’t be Chained to an Office

Although we provide a comfortable work environment and convenient space to meet with buyers and sellers, you have the complete freedom to work where you like. We are a new-age real estate company without antiquated updesk rules and unproductive floor time. Work wherever you work best, from home, a coffee shop or the ski slope. The way we see it, the more time you sit in an office, the less time you are actually showing properties to clients and networking with potential customers. Wherever you are, we will support you with all the tools you need to stay competitive, including instant internet inquiry forwarding.

Freedom from Pointless Office Meetings

We understand your time is valuable. We never have office meetings just for the sake of having a meeting. We bring something to the table at every office meeting to help you move your business forward and keep you updated about the Boston real estate market. Meetings are used to learn, brainstorm and hear agent feedback.

Our support staff is always available for micro-meetings. Want to have a sit-down with the broker to review your business plan? Done. Need to brainstorm with the marketing administrator about a new campaign? No problem. Our agents interact with management constantly via cell phone, conference calls, email, texting and face-to-face meetings.

Encouraging Success at Every Level

Our company structure is built from an agent’s perspective. Whether you start with us as a brand new agent or an experienced veteran, you have the freedom and support to attain your highest potential. We encourage success by providing a nontraditional commission schedule and unparalleled lead generating internet and database systems.

Achieve Your Potential

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are happy to provide all the information you need to make an educated decision. We understand that your interest in exploring a career with Bushari Group should remain confidential and private. Schedule a confidential appointment with us to learn more about a career with Bushari group.

Or, call Elad Bushari at (617) 529-7079 or Mara Bushari at (617) 981-0209 for more information.

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