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The Foundation of Success

The foundation of every business is lead generation. Prospecting for potential clients is the first link in the chain of income. For a new real estate agent, lead prospecting can be too expensive; for a seasoned veteran, it can be too time consuming. Agents tend to work in cycles – prospect, appointment, client, close, follow-up. By following this cycle, most agents make one business killing mistake – they stop prospecting when they become too busy taking clients on appointments and negotiating transactions.

We provide our agents with an endless supply of new business through our well-optimized websites, international referral network and other advertising. When you join Bushari Group, you hit the ground running. You start getting real leads to your email from day one. By consistently feeding you new business we save you time and money, making you more efficient and productive. You’ll spend more time working with customers and closing deals rather than trying to find customers. Our prospecting machines work for you 24/7, giving you the benefit of an ever-expanding sphere of influence and an incredible ability for income growth.

Welcome to the Age of Innovation

Many real estate brokerages are stuck in the last century. Not us. Our role is to help you make more money, while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Be mobile. Leverage technology. Do business in the internet age. If you’re waiting around in an office for someone to walk in, you’re not optimizing your time. Bushari Group leads are sent to your email. Whether you are at showings, with your family or on the ski slope, new clients are always knocking on your door.

Get More Leads

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are happy to provide all the information you need to make an educated decision. We understand that your interest in exploring a career with Bushari Group should remain confidential and private. Schedule a confidential appointment with us to learn more about a career with Bushari group.

Or, call Elad Bushari at (617) 529-7079 or Mara Bushari at (617) 981-0209 for more information.

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