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Faster Growth

The basis of growth for any business is more clients – more accounts. We provide you with leads, and greater efficiency.

Increased Revenue

Income and revenue are the results of sales. Increases in revenue come from improvements in your overall sales plan – more leads, more knowledge and better systems. Bushari Group provides all three of those needs… more leads, great training, and better systems.

Greater Market Share

Market share comes your way when you have more incoming business from the competition. With our lead generation systems and marketing platforms, we allow our agents to invest more time in servicing the transaction and the ability to expand outside their current territory.

More competitive in your market

Getting there before the competition is often half the battle. With more than 90 percent of home buyers starting their search online, we have the edge. We’re found first. Lead information is sent instantly to our agents, giving agents the ability to contact clients while they are still on our site. According to the National Association of REALTORS, 70 percent of home buyers will work with the first agent who contacts them.

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