Testimonial from Amy Carlisle

Amy Carlisle - Bushari Group Real estateWhen I first decided that I wanted to focus on being a buyer/seller’s agent, I knew that I needed to find the right company that would help me grow.

I had done a rental deal with an agent from Bushari the spring before and he had mentioned how much he loved the company and expressed in great detail how much he had grown since he joined the Bushari Team. I had enjoyed the transaction with him and really put some thought into our discussion.

I had been approached by many companies in Boston, most were the larger offices where one-on-one attention may not be possible. I was nervous about working for the larger firms because I was not sure if would get as much direction as I was looking for. I found myself always looking back to Bushari.

When I fifinally decided to make the leap and met with Elad and Mara, I left the meeting bursting with excitement about the months and years to come. They give you direction but let you lead your own way. This is very important to me. I am very independent but love that I have them to fall back on if I need anything.

The team as a whole is far above any group I have worked with before. Each of us excels in something different and we all help each other meet our goals.

I feel lucky to have met the Bushari Group Team, we are like family.